More model Sherman fun

2nd December 2015 Niall 0

This is what I’m currently working on, as I’ve left the Panther and Tiger for a bit. I’ve also got the T34/76 1:16 on the […]


Future/current projects

9th November 2015 Niall 0

Little update regarding progress with models, etc. Tamiya Monster beetle – This has been put on the back burner while I’ve been ill (more so […]



25th October 2015 Niall 0

As you’ve no doubt noticed (if you’re not using an ad blocker) we now have a section at the bottom of the page, showing affiliate […]

No Picture

New site

14th May 2015 Niall 0

Currently in the process of being built, this site is for modelling and remote controlled  vehicles of all types. will be a site built […]